Beeminder vs Stickk

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Beeminder vs Stickk

If you’ve ever taken any interest in using monetary penalties and loss aversion to motivate yourself to complete your goals, then you have probably come across Beeminder and Stickk. The two biggest players in this niche field.

Both Beeminder and Stickk use loss aversion to motivate their users, however I wouldn’t necessarily consider them competitors. I have used both of them countless times, and each one works best for different types of tasks.


Beeminder is a productivity tool that allows you to create goals for yourself. Anything you can quantify will work. Although it definitely has a higher learning curve than Stickk it is still incredibly easy to use and setup for any goal.

Beeminder goals need to quantifiable. An example of a goal I’m currently doing is 100 pushups a day.

In the image above you can see my pushups goal dating back to April. Although I actualy began even earlier than that. I’m not sure what happened to the chart. I originally started this goal with 25 pushups a day to avoid injuring myself as I seem to have a natural ability for that. Eventually I worked my way up to around 170 a day before setting black down at 100.

The goal is quite simple. If I don’t report over 100 pushups by midnight, I lose $5, which is more than enough to motivate me for simple goals like this one. Although that number may not be enough for you. That’s why Beeminder offers a scaling penalty. Each time you fail your goal the penalty increases until you are at a number that effectively motivates you. This is not a mandatory feature though, for this goal I have it set to a fixed penalty of $5.

This goal has worked pretty well for me but for maximum effectiveness I’d recommend a goal you can’t cheat. Self reporting still requires a level of discipline that you may not have. Thankfully Beeminder comes with many automatic integrations like Duolingo and Strava which can’t be cheated as it fetches the data from your profiles automatically.

I have many goals using automatic integrations. And they prove to be much more effective at motivating.


Although Stickk doesn’t have the same complexity as Beeminder does, I find it to be far more suitable for many of my goals.

Stickk follows the basic concept of creating a goal, end date and punishment amount however instead of automatic integrations or self reporting, Stickk relies on a referee. You set a trusted partner to ensure that you aren’t lying about the completion of your goal. This isn’t actually mandatory, but I don’t see a tool like this being very effective without accountability.

Having a referee means you are only in the clear if your partner agrees that you have completed your goal. This is perfect for people who will stop at nothing to weasel out of their commitments (me).

Stickk also features something called “Anti-Charities”, meaning that if you lose you can set your money to go to a foundation you actively despise for additional motivation. I’ve never used this personally, but I’m sure for some this may be very helpful. I usually just set an amount that I am not willing to lose, so the recipient of the money is not all that relevant to me.

Above is an example of an incredibly simple Stickk goal that I made to make a Youtube video for a channel I had just created. I made it a one time commitment for a few days ahead and got a trusted friend to ensure that I had completed it. I set a number that I could not afford to lose ($250) and the rest was history. I finished the video on the same night I created the goal, and I can assure you had I not created this commitment contract, that video would never have been made.

Which One Is Better?

Neither. I know, not a fun answer but both Beeminder and Stickk have their pros and cons. They each work best for different things. Beeminder excels in creating long term habits while Stickk offers the capability to create goals that are more broad. Personally I use Beeminder for simple daily tasks like running, duolingo, pushups etc… and Stickk for long term goal such as completing projects and tasks that I would find difficult to integrate with Beeminder.

I’d definitely recommend both of these websites to boost your productivity and put a halt to procrastination. Nothing else I have ever used has come even close to being as effective as Beeminder and Stickk have at helping me complete my goals.

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