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Can You Use Amazon KDP To Make Coloring Books?

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Amazon KDP For Coloring Books

If you’re in the business of creating kids coloring books or adult coloring books you may have wondered if using kindle’s program to print these books on demand would work for you. Obviously they work for typical novels but drawing is an entirely different thing.

Thankfully the answer is yes. Many people have done it and are still doing it. However, when it comes to creating a coloring book you have to be very careful that there are no mistakes, that size is right, that the paper is good etc…

Order Lots Of Proofs

With typical books you can pretty much upload your manuscript and ship it off without even testing it. With coloring books I would strongly recommend that you do not do this.

You may need to try multiple times and order multiple proofs to get it just right. But don’t worry this isn’t that hard and won’t cost you that much. Additionally you’ll have a bunch of coloring books to play around with.

It’s very important that the paper doesn’t tear or that it isn’t too transparent. Little problems that wouldn’t be a huge issue with something like a standard novel may turn out to be a huge issue with something like a coloring book.

You don’t want to have your first customer get a coloring book that’s page tears the moment they try to draw on it resulting in a one star review and no future sales.

Go For It!

So to summarize yes it’s possible yes it’s doable and you should give it a try. Just make sure to order lots of proofs before publishing your book to the market in order to guarantee the highest quality of product for your customer

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8 months ago

I printed my adult coloring book with Amazon! It worked perfectly. High quality on the first proof, no need for changes 🙂 🙂 🙂

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