How Much Money Do You Need To Start a Profitable Dropshipping Store?

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How Much Money Do You Need To Start a Profitable Dropshipping Store?

How much money do you need to start a profitable dropshipping store? Pretty much the most popular question in all of dropshipping.

Can you start a profitable dropshipping store with $10? Probably. But are you going to? Almost definitely not.

It Depends On The Niche

I know this is not a fun answer but itโ€™s the truth. How much money you need depends so much on the niche itโ€™s not even funny.

If you start a little print-on-demand shop where you sell t-shirts you might actually need more money than starting an incredibly niche expensive dropshipping store.

If you want to sell something that everyone already knows about your competition will be steep and advertising prices will be steeper.

However if youโ€™re selling some $1,000 item that there are very few ecommerce stores for you might literally need ZERO investment money other than the domain and Shopify prices.

You Donโ€™t Really Need Anything

If you want to compete on Facebook ads obviously you going to need thousands of dollars to even begin to turn a profit, this is the unfortunate truth. However if youโ€™re in a niche that could never make money without advertising spend then this is not suitable for a beginner and I highly doubt anyone other than beginners are reading this article.


You will get nowhere, lose motivation and give up.

You need to find a niche that doesnโ€™t have 7000 results on Google.

Matthew is an expert in digital marketing. If you need help with SEO, performanced based advertising or starting your own ecommerce store, this is your guy!

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