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Is Amazon FBA Profitable In 2021?

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Is Amazon FBA Still Profitable?

Let’s cut the bullshit. Amazon FBA is clearly a race to the bottom. But thankfully, we aren’t at the bottom yet.

So as of now, yes, Amazon FBA is still profitable. But as time goes on competition increases and margins shrink. Unless you have a direct connection to a Chinese factory you’re probably going to have difficulty banking.

How Do We Stay Profitable?

So how do we avoid this? How do we make products that stay profitable for years to come? This really boils down to doing something the best or being the only person to do it.

If you have the best product of the niche, the best store listing, the best description and the best of everything then you can stay profitable for a very long time. You can easily charge $10 more than your competitors as they fight for the bottom spot.

Think of making something that involves custom art or something very specific that can’t easily be ripped off.

The more specific and niche your product is, the more profitable it will be.

Saturated Markets

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t potential to hop into a saturated niche and bang out some good returns. It is definitely still possible. Just difficult and not sustainable.

But like everything in the world if you do even a little bit of research and put in the smallest amount of effort you’re ahead of 99% of people so don’t let them put you down. What’s difficult for them might be easy for you.

Research your products come up with a game plan and put it into action. 2021 can be the year for your Amazon riches.

Matthew is an expert in digital marketing. If you need help with SEO, performanced based advertising or starting your own ecommerce store, this is your guy!

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