PAINT Crypto Investment & Predictions 2021

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Paint Cryptocurrency

Paint is an interesting cryptocurrency capitalizing on the new demand for crypto art projects due to the NFT boom.

Paint is a online collaborative mural that allows anyone to draw without restrictions.

You can find the whitepaper/lite paper here for a more detailed look into how the Paint cryptocurrency works and what their objective is.

We thus conceived the idea of a digital collaborative canvas/mural, accessible to everyone, where art and freedom of expression can be exercised without restriction. We like to think of ourselves as an art project which harnesses the power and freedom that the blockchain provides.

Paint Lite Paper

Is Paint A Good Investment?

Paint is definitely an interesting cryptocurrency project but whether or not it’s a good investment is a more complicated question.

Even at it’s incredibly low entry price, the market cap is still sitting at close to 100 million dollars.

You have to ask yourself how much is a project like this actually worth?

Sure it may be a novel cryptocurrency idea, but the investment potential is not as certain.

Paint Investment Predictions

InternetEarners gives it a Neutral-Positive on our investment/prediction score. We believe that this project could continue to go up but we aren’t willing to place any bets on it.

InternetEarners is a site dedicated to help people on their path to becoming entrepreneurs and financial indepedent!

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