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What Conversion Rate Can You Expect On Etsy?

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Etsy Conversion Rates

On Etsy many people are window shopping. They aren’t really there because they have a specific product in mind that they’d like to purchase. They are on Etsy to browse to get ideas and maybe if they like something enough to make a purchase.

Because of this Etsy conversion rates are much lower than a site like Amazon.

You can’t clearly answer what conversion rates someone can expect to something but I can give a rough range.

Organic Visitors Conversion Rate

Depending on your product if your visitors are organic you can expect the conversion rate up around 1 to 5%.

Ad Visitors Conversion Rate

If your visitors are coming from ads such as Etsy’s own ad platform then you can expect it to be on the lower end of that 1-5% range.

Try Yourself

But of course if you really want to know what conversion rates you can get on Etsy you have to make your own products of varying types and run some ad campaigns.

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