What Is Reverse Dropshipping?

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Reverse Dropshipping

While the drop shipping model has been incredibly popular, shipping cheap goods from China to the US has become increasingly saturated, and even expensive after China began upping shipping costs.

Believe it or not, just like how we have demand for cheap imported Chinese goods, they have demand for expensive imported high quality American goods.

This demand has grown due to the fact that Western countries have a much higher standard for their manufacturing process. Wealthier people in countries like China are tired of getting unreliable or even dangerous products. See the melamine baby milk scandal as an example.

What Is Reverse Dropshipping?

Reverse drop shipping is most frequently used to describe shipping high quality USA made items into China. However it can apply to any quality goods made in Western countries being shipped to countries that are known for exporting.

Complications With Reverse Dropshipping

Sounds pretty good right? The competition is much lower and itโ€™s definitely higher ticket, as we arenโ€™t exported $20 plastic junk. Must be the perfect niche?

Well there is pretty good reason the entire world isnโ€™t trying this. Itโ€™s difficult.

Shipping products into China is incredibly difficult, both logistically, and of course with the language barrier.

Non Chinese people are limited in almost every way when it comes to conducting their business in China. Without a connection to a Chinese business who is willing to work this out with you, itโ€™s going to be pretty much impossible.

This does not mean itโ€™s not doable. It just means itโ€™s nowhere near as simple as the China to US drop shipping model. Itโ€™s going to take some serious work.

Should You Try It?

If you can speak Chinese or are willing to go through the effort to build the connections to make it work logistically then absolutely.

This is a largely untapped niche that you could make huge profits with.

There are hordes of wealthy Chinese people. More than anywhere else in the world. They donโ€™t want to buy cheap Chinese made items with questionably quality control.

As China continues to develop by exporting product to other countries, the demand will continue to increase for imported goods. The Chinese government drastically limits these efforts forcing the market to be undersaturated.

There is money to be made there for the people who are hardworking enough and willing to go through all the hurdles that might be thrown at them. However with all the complications your efforts are probably better placed elsewhere unless you have a specific advantage.

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