Why Is The Price of MANA Rising So Suddenly?

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MANA Going To The Moon

On March 13th, the cryptocurrency MANA began it’s ascent to the moon leaping 40%+ over the course of the day.


No good reason really. But MANA has it’s name in the new NFT / Digital World space. And with such a small amount of innovators in this market, mainly Earth 2, anyone capitalizing on it is going to find some success?

The Problem?

The game kind of sucks.

But if you are an investor don’t be worried about that. The actual value is not important.

I’m sure it will continue to rise.

Cameron is InternetEarners resident crypto enthusiast. He has been heavily invested into Bitcoin and the Alt Coin market since 2012 and loves to educate people and introduce them to the wonderful world of crypto currency!

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